Limited Edition - Picasso L1


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line: Limited Edition Picasso L1
materials: black Chinise laquer - "Fauno" inlay - yellow gold plated 23 carats
flame: regular yellow
number: 1915 of 6000

The "Faune" and the "Minotaur" are recurring figures in the work of Picasso. "It is often of a self - portrait:" It is imagining of himself simultaneously as " sacré monstre " and a "monstre sacré" which finds form in the part - man, part - animal who is both blessed and cursed by his trascendence of the conventions of human society..." wrote Kirk Varnedoe in a chapter on Picasso's self - portrait.

It was at that time that Picasso was making metal sculputures that he designed an engraved a "Faune" on the Chinese lacquer of a lighter that belonged to the brother of the owner of a studio where he was working. By re-creating it as a limited edition, S.T. Dupont wants to share its pride that such an artist should have chosen this piece of his work, as well as the pleasure of owning such an unusual work.