Jeroboam - Limited Edition Medici


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line: Limited Edition Medici Jeroboam
name: Medici Jeroboam
materials: white, green red laquer - palladium plated
flame: regular yellow
number: 117 of 420

S.T. Dupont continues to explore the "decorative arts of the world" theme with a sumptuous evocation of the Italian Reinaiccanse and more specifically the Florentine architecture at the time of the Medicis in particular, with the "Duomo" of Florence, the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral.

The marble marquetry of the facades is reproduced in geometrical shapes and harmoniuos colours, including a mix of contrasting dark green and marble white laquer. The bloodstone inlay in relief , a symbol of the Reinaiccanse, brings to mind the brick used to build the entire cupola. The precious materials of the Limited Edition Medici, want to remember the original materials and colors: the white marble of "Carrara", the green of "Prato", the red of "Maremma" and the "cotto" of the shingles.

The table lighter Jeroboam is numbered 420, in reference to 1420 the date when building of the magnificent cupola began.