Dunhill Zodiac 232 of 388 - Limited Edition - Bent Bruyere 3102


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series / serie: Alfred Dunhill's The White Spot Bruyere 3102 - 232 of 388
code / codice: D/BR/3ZD14
shape / forma: Bent 3102
weight / peso: 36 gr
size / dimensioni: L 5 inches, H 1.69 inches / L 12,7 cm, H 4,3 cm
outside bowl diameter / diametro esterno: 1.14 inches / 2,9 cm 
chamber diameter / diametro foro: 0.78 inches / 2 cm 
chamber depth / profondità fornello: 1.37 inches / 3,5 cm 
finish / finissaggio: smooth / liscio
mouthpiece / bocchino: vulcanite / ebanite
band / vera (ghiera): silver, surface, decorated, 0.39 inches / argento, non a filo, lavorata, 10 mm
notes / note: Made in England 2013


Certificate of Authenticity

Specially manufactured to celebrate the 7th year of the 12-year cycle in the Chinese calendar, the limited edition pipe Year of the Horse is the seventh in a series of pipes to represent the twelve Zodiac signs.

This year's pipes are classic Bents in Group 3 (3102) either in Bruyere or Shell Briar finish with a hand-cut Vulcanite mouthpiece bearing the famous White Spot.

Fitted with a Sterling Silver band engraved with the image of the horse, each pipe is eqipped with a black, soft leather case bearing the image of the animal.

This edition is nominally limited to only 388 pieces per finish. Since all numbers containing the digit '4' have been excluded, there are actually only 313 pipes being manufactured, of which only 312 pieces will be offered for sale.