Dunhill Longitude Pipe 806 of 2000 Limited Edition 2000 Shell Briar Billiard - 5103


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series / serie: Shell Briar
code / codice: FF/Y135
shape / forma: billiard - size 5 / dritta gruppo 5
weight / peso: 87 gr
size / dimensioni: L 5.90 inches, H 1.96 inches / L 15 cm, H 5 cm
outside bowl diameter / diametro esterno fornello: 1.53 inches / 3,9 cm
chamber diameter / diametro foro: 0.82 inches / 2,1 cm
chamber depth / profondità fornello: 1.69 inches / 4,3 cm
finish / finissaggio: sandblasted / sabbiato
mouthpiece / bocchino: vulcanite / ebanite
band on the bowl / salva fiamma: stainless steel, gold plated, decorated, 0.43 inches / acciaio, placcato oro, decorato, 11 mm
notes / note: Made in England 39


The Alfred Dunhill Longitude Pipe

The world revolves once every 24 hours; there are 360 degrees to each rotation, therefore the world turns one degree of longitude every four minutes. If your longitude is known, then so is your position upon the globe.

Global time is measured against that of 0° Longitude – the line of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, built in 1675 by Sir Christopher Wren (designer of St Paul´s Cathedral in London) upon the orders of Charles II.

A clockmaker, John Harrison, conquered the problem of establishing longitude with the invention of the marine chronometer which accurately told the time at sea. Sailors set their chronometers at the start of time ball. Each day at 12:55, the ball rose half way up its mast; at 12:58 it rose to the top. At 13:00 exactly, the ball fell, and so provided a visual signal to both those on the river, and on land. This red ball continues to rise and fall to this day.

To celebrate the Millennium, Alfred Dunhill has created a pipe with a calibrated calculator that can compare the different times at which the millennium will occur relative to local time in the major cities, to be found in world time zones.

This Alfred Dunhill Longitude Pipe forms one of limited edition of 2000 and is a group 5 Shell Billiard with a stainless steel rim mount and gold plated rotating bezel with a red dot to indicate the millennium zone.